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Japanese-Thai translations: Irregulars & Taiki-Taiki

Thai-English translations: Chesiere Cat aka hiyuura (xnightrainx)

PSYCHO-PASS Novel Vol.1: 

This is the novelization of the anime. There are two books for this. Vol.1 covers Episode 1-11 where as Vol.2 covers Episode 12-22.

Strawberry on Top - Snippet translation of the Prologue

A Little Bit of This and That from PP Novel - Trivia from the novel

More Trivia from PSYCHO-PASS Novel - Trivia from the novel

Additional Information from PP Novel Vol.1 - Ch. 1~5 - Trivia classified by chapters

Additional Information from PP Novel Vol.1 - Ch. 6~11 - Trivia classified by chapters

PSYCHO-PASS Novel Vol.2:

Special snippets from PP Novel Vol.2 - There are 3 special snippets in PP Novel Vol.2; one story is a lighthearted one about how Sasayama tricked Ginoza about Valentine, another is about Shion and Yayoi and the last one took place after EP22. 

PSYCHO-PASS/ZERO: Monster With No Name [Preview]: 

Translations of the previews from Noitamina’s official website. The story covers the Specimen case three years prior to the anime. 

[Translation] PSYCHO-PASS/ZERO: Monster With No Name 1/1

[Translation] PSYCHO-PASS/ZERO: Monster With No Name 1/2

[Translation] PSYCHO-PASS/ZERO: Monster With No Name 1/3

PSYCHO-PASS/ZERO: Monster With No Name:

Not-so-brief Information on Touma - Touma Kozaburou and his backstory with regard to the specimen case from PP-Zero novel. Also, some brief info on Sasayama.


[Psycho-Pass: Zero - Vol.2] Omake Drama: Capricious Criminals - An omake with Makishima and Choe Gu Sung

Q&A Translation for Otomedia Psycho-Pass Scoop - A Valentine dating guide for the PP boys

A PP Scoop from Febri Magazine - Trivia from character interview

PP radio drama from Radio CD#1:

Winter Stakeout - In which the team are snooping in the cold for a suspect

PP Radio Drama:

Translation for PP Radio Drama#11 - In which, Sasayama, Kougami and Ginoza are so having a blast

PP Finale Event:

Additional Information from PP Finale Event - Some trivia and ‘after stories’

PP Official Profiling Book:

PP Official Profiling - Translations for the profiles of Kougami, Akane, Ginoza, Masaoka, Kagari, Yayoi, Shion, Sasayama, Makishima and Touma 


A message from a friend - Seki Tomokazu has a message from a friend to pass on to everyone 


[DJS Scanlation] No Self Control - Kougami x Makishima, NC-17, NSFW

さよなら、君のいる虚ろで美しい世界 - Kougami x Makishima, NC-17, NSFW (Photos + Summary)