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Not-so-brief Information on Touma

Touma Kozaburou and his backstory with regard to the specimen case from PP-Zero novel. Also, some brief info on Sasayama.

-His mother was pregnant and separated from his father for some reasons, and the more her stomach grew, the cloudier her psycho-pass became. She fled to Ougishima, one of the largest deserted areas in Japan, and gave birth to Touma and his twin sister.

-The twins weren’t named. Their mother only called them ‘prince’ and ‘princess’, and never let them out. 

-To clear her hue, the mother resorted to use of drugs and one day, she slept and never woke up. The prince and princess rejoiced for their freedom. The princess went out to find them things while the prince waited, taking care of their castle.

-As the princess grew up, the things she brought became more and more expensive but at the time, the prince didn’t know why. The princess whored herself and one day started killing the man she slept with, taking away his possessions.

-A charity organization for the homeless came to Ougishima. The princess saw them and feared separation from her prince. She ran home and told the prince and decided to kill him so they would forever be together.

-The prince didn’t let her choose his fate. He squeezed her neck and killed her, stuffing her in the freeze where he could talk to her every day. 

-The organization found the prince and the prince was ‘rescued’. People praised him because of how he could maintain such clear hue despite being in such a place (their mother’s corpse was still on the bed). The princess, back then, hadn’t been found.

-The prince was asked for his name but he never had one so he told them he couldn’t remember. The case was recorded as loss of memories.

-The prince entered a school called Touma, hence, he was named Touma Kozaburou.  

-The head of the charity organization was Kirino Tohko’s father. Young Tohko (who was around 5-6) met young Touma (who was around 14) back then. Touma was reminded of his dead sister and asked if Tohko would become his next princess. 

-Older Tohko had a crush on Touma-sensei because she had a dream of him asking her to be his princess. It turned out that she actually just had a memory relapse.

-Political interference on Ougishima made Touma realize the princess would be found. Instead of keeping her hidden, he decided to let her be shown to the public. He then proceeded to kill the politician behind the movement and made it the case of serial killer. (The politician was the specimen with his hypothalamus shoved into his anus.)

-The princess was found as the second victim in Ougishima whereas, in fact, she had been long dead.

-Touma approached Mr. Kirino in the school anniversary party, telling him he was interested in charity affair. Mr. Kirino remembered Touma and wanted to refuse but with so many audiences, he had to agree to a private talk with Touma. He was the third victim.

-Mr. Kirino, as the prince viewed him as the wicked sorcerer who wanted to separate him and his princess, was killed by a pen stabbing into his eyeball. The process was taken slowly due to Touma wanting him to suffer.

ETA1: Tohko’s father was an Italian. Kirino was more likely Tohko’s mother’s surname but I will still use Mr. Kirino here for ease of understanding as his name seems too difficult to decipher. (It’s written as アベーレ・アルトロマージ which directly reads as “Abere Arutoromaji”. My best guess is something like “Abelle Altromach” but Abelle seems more like a female name… >.>;;) 

ETA2: It is suggested (here, here and here) that the name is Abele Altoromagi. Thank you for all the helps, everyone! <3

-Tohko found her dead father and she was caught by Touma who remembered that she was the girl he had asked to be his new princess. Sasayama saved the day and beat Touma into a bloody pulp. 

-Sasayama also had a sister whose news of suicide reached him the day he and Kougami had first found Tohko in Ougishima. He was also reminded of his sister so he was protective of her. He investigated the case alone because he was ticked off by Kougami. 

-Sasayama’s father was abusive. One day, Sasayama fought back and thought he had killed him, so he went to the police and turned himself in. He was received as an enforcer since. 

-It turned out that Sasayama’s father wasn’t dead. He just happened to have fainted. And he also raped Sasayama’s sister.

-In order to save Tohko whom he told to run back to the police, Sasayama was stabbed by Touma’s pen through the lung. There was also an explosion, and Touma was ready to run away but Sasayama’s words stopped him.

-Sasayama, being protective of Tohko, shouted that Touma would be forever cursed to be alone and never got to be with his princess and Touma, with his obsession with his ‘princess’ - despite the one with the title being replaceable - returned to drag Sasayama off. 

-Tohko escaped but was found first by Makishima’s subordinate who gave her an injection. She was found later but was diagnosed with brain damage; a state completely unable to communicate. The case, therefore, had no witness. 

-Sasayama was dissected alive because Makishima insisted he was alive long enough for him to extract information from MWPSB’s server and it was required that Sasayama’s heartbeat was detectable. 

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