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Translation for PP Radio Drama#11

A welcoming party for the two new Inspectors. Sasayama, Kogami and Ginoza are so having a blast at Pink Paradise club in Shinjuku. Complete script translation along with a link for you to download just because this is too funny to pass up! 

On a site note, I have made a page for all my translations for ease of finding on this blog’s left sidebar. 


Sasayama: This is the recreation section, Shinjuku… In this era that Sibyl has influences on human’s adjustment on things even sexual desire, recreation businesses have become an old things lost in time. Night butterflies are replaced with avatars… But there are still clubs in this city even if there aren’t many!!! And for tonight, I, Sasayama Mitsuru, have visited this nighttime city for the welcoming party of the two new Inspectors!!! 

Kogami: Hey, Sasayama, what are you muttering about?

Sasayama: Eh? Sorry. I am too excited. 

Ginoza: What is with this place? You told me we have to come so we had to ask for authorization to follow here…

Sasayama: Hehe… it might be too much an impact for you two pampered gentlemen. 

Ginoza: What?

Sasayama: Don’t be so moody. Mitsuru-oniisan will take you to the place closest to paradise in this world! 

Kogami: The place closest to paradise? Hospital? 

Sasayama: Don’t talk of such an omen! It’s the club! The club! 

Ginoza: Club?! 

Sasayama: Yeah! You two must never have gotten really in touch with women. This is why Mitsuru-oniisan takes it an opportunity for you to learn of adult world along with this welcoming party! 

Kogami: Welcoming party… You just want to come here, don’t you? 

Sasayama: Shut up! Don’t try acting calm and analyzing. You don’t want to go to the club? Don’t want to see breasts accentuated when dropping ice in the glasses or deliciously white legs shown from the split in the dresses?! 

Kogami: T…that…

Sasayama: What? I didn’t quite hear you.

Kogami: I-It’s not that I am not int-

Sasayama: Yessss. Now let’s go, newbies!! 

Ginoza: W…Wait! I’ve heard you need a lot of money for those places. W-will it be alright?

Sasayama: Trust me. I’ve checked the price from the internet already. And from my analysis, the most suitable club for us tonight is…!

Kogami+Ginoza: Is…?

Sasayama: Pink Paradise! Also known as Pinpara!!!

Kogami: Pink Paradise…!

Ginoza: Also known as Pinpara!!!

Kogami: Such a name that almost clears your hue the moment you hear it.

Sasayama: Pinpara is one of the four elite clubs in Shinjuku that is the mildest! Infinite drinks for 40 minutes for 2500 yen and if you use the coupon you get from the internet, new customers get 500 yen discount!! Cheaper than some bars around!!!

Kogami+Ginoza: Oh!!

Sasayama: Forget about money, kiddos! My treat tonight!!

Kogami+Ginoza: Oh!!


Hostess: Welcome~ ♥

Sasayama: afjkal;djfal;djfakls;!!!?!?!

Kogami: What is it, Sasayama?

Sasayama: What is it…? Aren’t their looks far below standard? 

Hostess: Eh? What are you whispering about there? No good. No good. We have to get you!! 

Sasayama: Oh shit… I really wanna kill’em.

Ginoza: Wait! We are innocent!!

Sasayama: Don’t be so damn serious! 

Hostess: Oh my, oniisan, so scary~

Sasayama: Ah…Haha…sorry. *mutters* This is bad. What am I thinking? No one can be all that bad. Even these ugly girls should have some cute qualities…! Have fun, Mitsuru! At least, for the money you paid!!! 

Hostess: Oniisan…

Sasayama: Hmm?

Hostess: Can I have a drink?

Sasayama: Oh, sure. Do order.

Hostess: Well… May I open Hennessy? 30000 yen for a bottle.

Sasayama: *splutters* W…wait. You are opening a bottle? Here, have this glass of 1000 yen first.

Hostess: Eh~? But that Megane-oniisan’s already opened Dom Pérignon.

Sasayama: D…what!?!?!?!

Hostess: Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!

Sasayama: Oi!!! Ginoza!!!

Ginoza: Whaaat? 

Sasayama: What the fuck are you doing!!!?

Ginoza: But they said they wanted to drink.

Sasayama: How much is this?!!

Hostess: 100000 yen.

Sasayama: ajf;ajdfl;adjkflasdj…

Hostess: Such a generous oniisan~ ♥

Sasayama: What now!!!?

Kogami: I didn’t expect real fruits that aren’t synthesized in this kind of clubs. 

Sasayama: The fruit set!!! Hey, Kogami!!! How much is that, huh!!? 

Hostess: 150000 yen.

Sasayama: adjf;ajdfl;ajfla;djfkal;djfla;djfkal!!! 

Hostess: I want some too~

Sasayama: Shut up, you fugly face!! Go suck the ice!!!

Hostess: So cruel! 

Sasayama: Hell…if we stay any longer, I will be totally broke. Oi, Ginoza, let’s get back! 

Ginoza: …… *vomits*

Sasayama: Oiiiiiii!!! Don’t puke, you! Let’s go!!!

Kogami: *sings*

Sasayama: Don’t sing the karaoke, Kogami!!! That’s 500 yen for each song!! Stop! Fucking stop~~~~!!!!


Hostess: Thank you very much~ 

Sasayama: …The end…there’s nothing left for me… *sighs* Hey, wake up! 

Kogami: I can’t eat anymore…

Ginoza: *babbles incoherently*

Sasayama: Hn…problematic newbies for the division.

Ginoza: *vomits* 

Sasayama: Hey, Ginoza, don’t puke!!! Cats are coming to eat your puke!! Wake up you two!! Let’s get back to the bureau!! Shit…Walk by yourselves!!!


Kogami: Indeed a trip to learn of adult world… However, the two newbie Inspectors cannot remember at all what happened on that night…


Sasayama: Dammit! I will make you pay for this one day! You just watch!!! 

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