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Anonymous ━

do you like yayoixshion?

I like Yayoi. I love Shion. I ship them

Anonymous ━

Are shion and Yayoi girlfriends in a romantic relationship or are they just friends with benefits?

I cannot say for sure about the nature of their relationship. Despite the obvious, it has never been stated so clearly. That is to say Yayoi doesn’t even know what Shion thinks; why she helped her out (Rina’s blackmail), why they have become bed partners etc. 

Still, there will be a new novel coming out this November (PP Asylum 2) which focuses on Yayoi and Shion. Let’s hope we get more information about them. :)




Cover of the PSYCHO-PASS 2 ED Fallen by EGOIST

Release date: 11.19. 2014

exile-wrath said: 

it is midnight i shouldn’t be laughing this hard but i am

The world needs a(n) fic/art about Kamui and Makishima discussing the cleanliness of the toilet. 

Anonymous ━

Are you serious about Tanizaki disliked too clean bathrooms?

Actually, “too clean” is not the exact wording. In his essay “In Praise of Shadows,” Tanizaki claimed that installing modern sanitary facilities destroyed all affinity with good taste and the beauties of nature as presented in traditional Japanese toilet. In his (translated) words:

There is no denying the cleanliness; every nook and corner is pure white. Yet what need is there to remind us so forcefully of the issue of our own bodies… The cleanliness of what can be seen only calls up the more clearly thoughts of what cannot be seen.” (P.5) 

I seriously didn’t expect to be asked this either. LOL. 

A Little Discussion(?) About Kamui
Friend1: Kamui seems like he knows Akane.
Me: *looks at this pic (http://tinyurl.com/kfhbcuh)* He used to clean her bathroom?
Friend2: And he left her a message W.C. to tell her that the bathroom cleaning was finished.
Friend1: He probably wants a bathroom revolution.
Me: Clean the bathroom, purify the hue. Kamui Kirito bathroom service.



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第186位 http://www.pixiv.net/ranking.php?mode=rookie&content=illust&date=20141019&p=4#186




i don’t know whether i should be disappointed or relieved that i can’t find any fma fanfics where pride hooks up with an oc homunculus named prejudice